Get more customers ordering and paying on mobile.

No apps required.

From fast food chains and coffee shops to stadia and arenas, businesses use Wi5 to reduce operational costs and increase revenues through its quick and frictionless mobile Order & Pay experience.

Most of your customers will never download your app.

A brilliant mobile Order & Pay solution can reduce queues, improve customer experience and increase sales.

But only if customers use it.

Wi5 makes it simple for your customers to order and pay straight from their mobile, without having to find and download an app or go through a cumbersome login process.

Easier to order, easier to pay

Wi5’s Order & Pay solution is truly mobile-first. A best-in-class mobile experience is about much more than transferring an existing menu into a digital interface. Wi5 is designed to allow customers to easily find exactly what they want, place orders and complete their payment in record time.

Customer connects to guest Wi-Fi, or enters bespoke URL.

Customer orders from expertly mobile-optimised, dynamic menu.

Pay via Apple Pay, Google Pay or credit card with no complicated logins or authentication. Simple!

Significant commercial returns through mobile Order & Pay

Providing your customers with mobile Order & Pay isn’t just about demonstrating brand innovation. Wi5 delivers short, medium and long-term business results across a wide range of industries.

Coffee Shops

Serve more customers in less time. Reduce queues at tills and watch loyalty increase.

And with order-at-table, easily serve that extra cup to customers using your café as a second home or office.

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Help your customers find exactly what they want, fast, with their own personal ordering kiosk — removing queues and speeding up the order process.

And increase those ATVs through smart recommendations. "Would you like fries with that?"

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Pubs and Bars

Remove the scrum at the bar by enabling your customers to order from their table and eliminate the frustration of waiting for the bill.

Why not make it easier for your regulars to find their usual, with saved last orders? Which also makes it even easier for customers to get in that extra round.

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Stadiums & Arenas

Make the most of that pre-match rush by enabling fans to order and pay from their own device, in their own time. With a simple designated pick-up zone, you’ll see a huge reduction in waiting at tills and a corresponding increase in orders (and happy customers)!

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Understand your customers and personalise their experiences

Wi5 automatically serves up the most relevant content to each of your customers.

These personalised experiences foster positive, long-term relationships between you and your customers, while the data driving them simultaneously delivers insights to help you understand and predict in-venue behaviour. All the while respecting users’ privacy and complying with the strictest data protection standards.

Freedom to focus on customer experience

Getting more customers to use mobile Order & Pay frees up staff to focus on areas of your business where they can make a real difference, such as preparation and customer service.

Ready to get more of your customers ordering and paying on mobile?