Get customers ordering and paying on mobile.

No apps required.

From fast food chains and coffee shops to stadia and arenas, businesses use Wi5 to reduce operational costs and increase revenues through its quick and frictionless mobile ordering and payment experience.

Most of your customers will never download your app.

To the uninitiated it sounds counterintuitive, but giving your customers an alternative to native apps results in more of them ordering and paying on mobile, getting them into your digital ecosystem.

It’s all about effort vs. reward and leveraging existing customer behaviour.

Piggybacking your existing Wi-Fi, Wi5 delivers an instantly gratifying and frictionless app-like mobile experience without the need for any native apps, other downloads or a cumbersome login process.

Easier to order, easier to pay.

Wi5’s order & pay interface is designed with mobile in mind.

Innovative yet familiar.

It allows customers to easily discover, order and pay in record time, reducing queuing times and increasing throughput, all within an extremely secure environment.

The usual Google Pay What would you like? One Chicken & Bacon Wrap coming up! How would you like to pay? Drink Food Card Apple Pay

Understand your customers and personalise their experiences.

Wi5 automatically serves up the most relevant content to each of your customers.

These personalised experiences foster positive, long-term relationships between you and your customers, while the data driving them simultaneously delivers insights to help you understand and predict their in-venue behaviour.

All the while respecting users’ privacy and complying with the strictest data protection standards.

Freedom to focus on customer experience.

Getting more customers ordering and paying on mobile frees up staff to focus on other areas of your business, such as preparation and customer service.


Ready to get more of your customers ordering and paying on mobile?