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UK consumers likely to move away from Kiosks and towards mobile following Covid-19

  • Research from Wi5 & Savanta shows use of touch-screen kiosks to order food likely to collapse after lockdown ends

  • Customers now more likely to want to use own mobiles to order due to hygiene concerns

  • Majority of customers want to return to their favourite restaurants, cafés and bars within a few weeks of re-opening

Our latest research has shown that nearly two thirds of UK adults (61%) say they will avoid using touch-screen kiosks to order in food and drink in hospitality venues once the lockdown measures are lifted. Touch-screen kiosks have become hugely popular in fast-food outlets such as McDonald’s and Burger King in recent years, but fears over sharing the screens with other customers is now likely to hugely impact their usage.

Instead, the majority of respondents to the survey agreed they would now be more likely “to use [their] own mobile to order and pay from a table” than before the crisis took hold. Of those who said they’d avoid using a touch-screen, the number one reason was “not liking the thought of touching a screen used by so many other people before touching my food”.


Claimed they would be less likely to order using a touch-screen (kiosk) shared with other customers


Somewhat/strongly agree “I will be MORE LIKELY to use my own mobile to order and pay from a table than I was before coronavirus”


Somewhat/strongly agree “I will be MORE LIKELY to use mobile/online ordering to collect and takeway than I was before coronavirus”

Amongst younger audiences, this gravitation towards mobile is even further pronounced, with 70% of 16-34s saying they’d now be more likely to use mobile to order and pay from a table, and 78% now being more likely to use mobile for click & collect. 

The research, undertaken amongst a nationally representative panel of UK consumers from April 18-21st, found that over half of respondents said they were likely to return to fast food (59%) and casual dining restaurants (51%), pubs and bars (51%) and cafés (58%) within weeks of venues reopening.

You can view the rest of the the findings and download the full report by clicking the link below:

*Data based upon study of  500 UK consumers undertaken by Savanta from April 18-21, 2020

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