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How Crêpeaffaire improved efficiency & increased ATV by 30%


The first Crêpeaffaire opened in London in 2004 with the brand continuing to grow in both scale and popularity with café & crêperies up and down the country and overseas, all offering organic fairtrade coffee, and sweet & savoury crêpes, all day, every day.

With its café & crêperies particularly busy with families at peak times for both eat-in and takeaway, Crêpeaffaire recognised the opportunity to speed up ordering for the customer and alleviate the pressures on the till staff.


Keen to further embrace technology, in January 2020, Crêpeaffaire looked for a mobile Order & Pay partner in the UK, with the key objectives to:

  Improve customer experience, reducing queuing time.

  Increase speed of service and throughput.

  Increase revenue per customer through second ordering and ATV.

Given the huge focus on the brand experience, Crêpeaffaire needed a solution that would be easy to use, custom-branded, and one that would integrate directly into its Lightspeed ePOS. 

Matt Steggles, Head of Marketing at Crêpeaffaire explains, “One of the things we’ve been wanting to do for a while, pre-pandemic, was to give our customers the opportunity to do mobile ordering. We trialled mobile ordering in St Albans, and once restaurants were reopening and government legislation meant we had to have table ordering as well as social distancing, we quickly began rolling it out. It was in our plans anyway; the Covid situation just simply accelerated our plans”.


Crêpeaffaire chose Wi5’s mobile Order & Pay solution based on the intuitive user journey, and high quality UI. And knowing that there was no need for customers to download an app or register, it was seen as a brilliant solution for helping customers get on board quickly and easily with the new technology. 

The integration with Crêpeaffaire’s POS System, Lightspeed, was a key benefit to partnering with Wi5 as it negates the need for any additional hardware, technical developments or changes to the existing operational processes. Ultimately, through Wi5 it can ensure all orders are processed in a way that is seamless for the customer and easy for staff to manage.

After a successful early start, just three months into the partnership the COVID crisis hit. Crêpeaffaire were quick to recognise the benefits of focussing on its mobile ordering solution as part of its reopening plan and got ahead of the competition by enabling Pickup from a large number of their stores. As soon as it could once again serve guests in-store, Crêpeaffaire swiftly implemented mobile Order to Table as the key ordering method.

“One of the great things about the partnership is how easy it has been to integrate with Lightspeed, making it super seamless…”

Matt Steggles, Head of Marketing at Crêpeaffaire.


Wi5’s mobile Order & Pay solution, already successful pre-COVID, has played a huge role in helping Crêpeaffaire reopen safely and successfully.

The brand sees 50% – 80%  of orders going through mobile.

Since launching with Wi5 there has been a sustained weekly increase in the number of customers ordering and paying through mobile, and crucially, customers are spending 30% more vs. ordering at the till.

Crêpeaffaire can now serve customers much more effectively in a way that is safe, secure, and efficient for staff.

Already a Lightspeed customer? Find out how a Wi5 integration can increase your revenues, increase speed of service and improve customer experience. 

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