by | Feb 7, 2020

Mobile Order & Pay 2020 Report

Customers are frustrated by long queues and wait times across hospitality venues. They’re looking at technology to solve the problem, but only 36% of under 45 year olds are satisfied with current technology solutions. Our Mobile Order & Pay 2020 report analyses consumer opinions and trends around mobile ordering from a survey of 1,500 UK adults, and highlights key changes that businesses can make to tap into this growing market.

71% of 18-34s would rather order by mobile than wait 5 minutes in a queue.

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Report Highlights

1. Waiting time is a game changer for customers

73% of 18-34s will usually choose to go somewhere else rather than wait in a long queue in a café or fast food restaurant.

2. Customers want technology driven experiences

71% of adults under age 45 believe technology can improve the general dining experience.

3. But, current technology options are disappointing

64% of under 45s say that most bars, cafés and restaurants aren’t making the most of technology.

4. Customers will spend more on mobile – if it’s simple

58% of under 45s would order more in a fast food or casual dining restaurant if it was easy to order on mobile.

5. The mobile savvy audience is vital for business

71% of customers that regularly use mobile ordering would be very likely to share a good dining experience with friends, compared to just 41% of those who don’t use it.

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