Our Pricing  

A monthly subscription, the lowest transaction fees and no hidden costs. 

A monthly subscription, the lowest transaction fees and no hidden costs. 

Our pricing is simple.  Get the industry-leading mobile Order & Pay solution without any set-up costs or commissions.



    per location per month 

    (12-month contract)

     Branded mobile Order & Pay solution
     Order to Table and Pickup
     Merchant dashboard
     Full order management through ODS
     Financial reporting
     Unlimited orders
     Helpdesk support
     Get started immediately




    All standard features, plus:

     Automatically sync menus
     Send orders straight through to till

    The lowest transaction fees

    Unlike other mobile and online ordering providers Wi5 doesn’t charge and commission or additional hidden transaction fees.

    Wi5 provides the lowest, most transparent transaction fees using the Interchange++ (IC++) payment processing model, consisting of an acquiring and gateway fee only.

    • Acquiring fee: IC++ @ 1% (excluding American Express, @ 2.95%)
    • Gateway fee: 10p 

    Have revenues for more than £1m per year? Talk to our sales team about our enterprise transaction fees. 

      Payment processing FAQs

      How does the Interchange++ model work?

      Interchange ++ is a transparent payments processing model, so you can see exactly what you are being charged.

      It’s made up of:

      1. The interchange fee: set by Visa and Mastercard and paid to the issuing bank. The interchange fee varies depending on the type of card used.
      2. 1st “+”: The scheme fee is charged by the card providers (Visa, Mastercard) to the acquiring bank for using their systems.
      3. 2nd “+”: The acquirer/processing fee (in this case 1%, or 2.95% for American Express).
      4. A gateway fee of 10p per transaction.

      When and how will I receive funds?

      Payouts will be made directly to your bank account and are scheduled on a daily basis, four working days in arrears.

      Who processes my payments?

      Wi5 has partnered with Checkout.com, which is both acquirer and gateway. 

      How much will I be charged on each transaction?

      The exact amount on each transaction will vary according to the fees charged by card providers, but as an example, based on an interchange and scheme fee of 0.25% combined, the total fees on a £10 transaction would be:

      • 23p (Visa/Mastercard)
      • 43p (American Express)

      Which payment methods does Wi5 accept?

      Wi5 accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Apple Pay. 

      Do I have to pay fees on refunds?

      If payment is taken and then refunded, gateway fees only will apply.