Support Centre

Our support articles will help take you through the process of setting up your Wi5 mobile Order & Pay application, from setting up your account to taking orders.

If you have any problems with your Wi5 service, please get in touch by clicking the link below. 

Getting Started

Your intro to your Wi5 software, planning the experience and setting up your account.

Building Your Menu

Create your Wi5 application, from setting up your sites to publishing your digital menu.

Managing Your Solution

Everything you need to help you and your staff manage taking online orders.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need mobile ordering?

Customers now expect you to provide mobile ordering (both Order to Table and Pickup) as a safe, secure and convenient way for them to order and pay. Without it, you're not only failing to future-proof your business against changing customer demands, you're missing out on immediate opportunities to increase revenues and reduce costs.

Wi5's mobile ordering software is proven to increase both number of sales and average transaction value, as well as reducing your reliance on staff to take orders and payments.

Why Wi5?

There's more to a successful mobile Order & Pay solution than just putting a menu online - it needs to reflect the customer experience you've put your heart and soul into delivering elsewhere.

Wi5 wasn't thrown together in response to COVID-19. It's been designed by mobile commerce experts, based on years of mobile ordering experience to be the very best mobile Order & Pay solution in hospitality for your staff and customers, following the highest level of security.

It's why we're trusted by a rapidly growing number of multinational brands and independent operators across the globe.

Do you integrate with my EPOS?

Yes, Wi5 is already fully integrated with many leading EPOS systems, including Lightspeed (L and K Series), Epos Now, Square, Tevalis and Zonal, with new integrations being released each month.

Contact our sales team today to talk through your EPOS integration options.

How do you charge?

Our pricing is simple. No set-up fees or extra charges for management tools and support – and now we’re waiving the subscription fees. So you get the industry-leading mobile Order & Pay solution, for just one low transaction fee per order. 

No other costs?

Nope. No set-up or any other hidden fees.

What do I need to do to get started?

Simply provide a few company details by filling in our contact form, and one of our team will be in touch. You'll be immediately given access to our onboarding tool, so we can create your account and you can start creating your digital menu.

Is support provided?

You'll have free and unlimited access to our dedicated helpdesk and online support centre, which provides detailed instructions, how-to guides and more.

We're always keen to better support our operators, and provide opportunities to give us feedback as well as trial new features through our beta testing initiatives.

Will my staff need special training?

Wi5's been designed from the ground up to be intuitive for all parties, including staff, requiring no prerequsite experience of mobile Order & Pay or any other technical expertise. However, we consider it best practice to ensure staff are appraised of Wi5, the importance of mobile ordering to your business and the pivotal role it's playing in your operations.

How will my customers find it?

With no apps required, your customers will be able to easily access your mobile Order & Pay application through simple calls to action (CTAs). The more you promote Wi5, the more customers will use it!

We'll supply you with marketing templates and how-to guides to help you raise awareness. The key is publicising your Order & Pay web address (through placement of QR codes, etc.) so it's easily accessible and front of mind for your customers.

How will my customers pay?

Wi5 accepts all major credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Amex), as well as Apple Pay. Google Pay is being rolled out across the platform during Q3 2020.