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Are you making the right technology investments for your restaurant?

New technology is constantly emerging to support growth in the hospitality industry it’s easy to feel out of the loop on the latest trends or struggle with determining which avenues are best for your restaurant, café or bar. 

Even if you’re already using various technologies to support your team and customers, it doesn’t mean your relationship with technology ends there (spoiler: It’s never really finished). Perhaps the new, shiny solution that was pitched to you isn’t giving much ROI, or maybe you’ve narrowed down a few options and need more insight before pulling the trigger. 

We have developed a free checklist to help you clear through the noise and come out the other side with an understanding of what technology will work for you and your customers. Download the Restaurateur’s Tech Check to start developing a plan, and keep reading for a sneak peak of what you can expect. 

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Setting your priorities 

Don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to adopting new technology your individual, unique business needs should take centre stage during this process. After all, a large QSR dealing with hundreds of covers a day has different priorities to a café that seats twenty customers. Establishing a clear set of goals makes it much easier to identify the technology you need

The Tech Check includes a specific checklist to help determine which types of technology to consider in order to match your business goals. It takes into account various details and factors out solutions that just aren’t relevant to you (regardless of how trendy they might be). 

Looking at what you already have 

With clear guidelines surrounding your business needs and priorities, take a step back to look at any and all technology you’re already using. The Tech Check walks you through a set of critical questions to determine if your current solutions are pulling their weight, or even if they can possibly be used in a different way in order to become more effective. 

You don’t want to just blindly throw your current technologies out the window, but use the questions as a guide to determine their worth. Your answers will provide a natural foundation for adopting new or additional solutions. 

Evaluating your options 

Technology won’t be much of a benefit if you’re not using it properly or not using it at all. Before making quick decisions or binning technology altogether, take a few minutes to compile your thoughts, organise your needs and create an action plan. Download The Restaurateur’s Tech Check below to easily put these points into practice and get a clear vision of how to drive your technology related strategy, and your business, forward.

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