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How to turn customers into online brand evangelists

Online brand evangelists are the group of customers who love your business so much, that they shout about their experiences (in a good way) across the internet. So, encouraging evangelism is critically important to driving new business and ‘taking the pulse’ on what is and isn’t working within your operations. When working correctly, a strong buzz from brand evangelists will bring new business in the door and provide you with valuable feedback on things like menu items, promotions and new technology.

To get you started on evaluating or re-evaluating your approach to this model of promotion, we created a free guide that consists of 5 effective ways to make evangelism count. Download the PDF for a comprehensive, statistically driven look at what will work for your business and what has worked for other businesses, alongside a few checklists to help you along the way.

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In the full guide we cover …


Building an online presence

The first step in building a strong online presence is, well, being present. Our guide outlines, by the numbers, the review platforms you should focus your efforts on. Don’t spread yourself too thin by trying to focus on them all, but view the most prominent sites as a meeting-point between you and your customers.

Plan half an hour of site-monitoring into your daily practice and see if just a few more timely replies makes a measurable difference over three to six months.


Utilising technology

An experience-driven technology could be the differentiating factor you need to spark a share-worthy experience. Customers want a modern way to order, pay and dine.

73% of Order & Pay users are very likely to share a good restaurant experience on social, compared to 10% of those who’ve never used it. – Wi5/Kantar, Nat Rep Study 2019

Furthermore, you can combine a new technology with an offer or promotion that incorporates sharing feedback on social media or review sites.


Empowering employees

Customer experience should definitely be a point of focus, but don’t overlook potential brand evangelists within your own business. When your employees start talking about your business in a positive light, it’s a massive win for your reputation. And, when employees are happier, they’re more likely to deliver a stellar customer experience.

Learn how to mobilise your staff as evangelists, but also how to keep them engaged and comfortable sharing valuable feedback to improve overall operations.


Harnessing social media

Evangelists and potential customers don’t just congregate on review sites – they’re also among the people using social media. They can directly impact your bottom line and present an opportunity to gather online evangelists. So, it’s vital that you stay active on social channels to tap into this space.

It’s not as simple as just sharing a thought or two to Twitter – our guide includes a checklist of tools and processes that will cut through the noise.


Connecting with customers

You probably have plenty of happy customers who have the potential to become online evangelists, but need some encouragement to share their experiences. Simply asking for feedback can persuade a significant chunk of the population to write reviews. According to BrightLocal, 67 percent of 18-34-year-olds left reviews for businesses when asked!

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