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Our growing team: What it’s like to work at Wi5

Posted by the Wi5 Team3rd June 2019General

Head of Talent Acquisition Andrew Sully speaks with some of the recent additions to the Wi5 team to find out what day-to-day life is like at the company.

As the Head of Talent at Wi5, I am responsible for finding, approaching and onboarding the best possible talent in the industry, to help us achieve our ambitious growth goals and continually drive us forwards.

My role is to ensure we engage the candidates attracted by the possibility of contributing to the journey of a start-up and help them recognise the amazing opportunity to develop their own careers by being part of something new and exciting. By implementing the right hiring philosophy, we target characters who understand and want to contribute to the value of company culture, love innovation and impactful technology, are initiative and proactive, who love transparency and are happy to embrace the day-to-day challenges and excitement of working for a start-up.

From having just 8 full-time employees as recently as November 2018, we are very proud to have added more than 12 multi-talented and diverse team members in the last 5 months, all having contributed to the blossoming company journey and culture. Read below on what working at Wi5 is like from just some of those who have joined us in the recent months:

Brett Richardson | Senior DevOps Engineer

Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand

“Working at Wi5 is a very dynamic experience. The whole team is very open to new possibilities and it always feels like we have the opportunity to push the envelope. It’s cool to know the people around you will entertain an unconventional idea and support a solution that might initially seem a little absurd. I like that different people here inject healthy doses of idealism and pragmatism at the right time.

To be honest, the main reason I’m here is the culture and the values that come from the top. The leadership team is engaged, transparent and accessible. I think that is so important. Whether it’s the office socials or the weekly grocery order of snacks and goodies, it’s clear the focus is always on the people first. That’s becoming distressingly uncommon these days.”

Claire Harrison | Senior Project Manager

Hometown: Surbiton, London

“I joined Wi5 to establish a delivery focus with a dedicated project delivery function, introduce agile organisational practises and build partnerships with merchants to deliver customised implementations of the Wi5 solution.

With my background working for a renowned Systems Integrator, it is rare to have access to end users, so it has been particularly interesting working alongside the product team, to test hypotheses, gather data from users and ultimately see how our products are being used. There’s a real commitment to continuously learn and improve our product.”

Rocky Asante | Lead UI Engineer

Hometown: Croydon, London

“I have been working at Wi5 for the past 10 months after a very welcoming but thorough interview process. Before I joined Wi5 I wanted my next company to have a friendly employee culture, where the employee is valued and above all feels a part of something great and innovative.

Wi5 has a great product and vision which, for me, solidified my decision to join the team. Since I have been here the company culture is probably the best I have experienced, free fruit and snacks, monthly events outing with the whole team including the founders and range of free activities including gym are some things that make working at Wi5 very different.

As far as career goes, knowing that the product I am working on is innovative and will transform the ordering process in restaurants, coffee shops and bars brings me great satisfaction.”


Gabo Rojas | Tech Product Manager

Hometown: Sevilla, Spain

“I joined Wi5 in January after my previous company, Flyt, was acquired by Just Eat. I was looking for a new challenge in the food-tech industry after working on Delivery and Collection services for restaurants.

Andy from Wi5 contacted me and explained what the product was like. I find it awesome to be able to do Order & Pay without downloading an app or joining a website. It will revolutionise the industry for sure.

Apart from this, our office at The Ministry is in a private club where we have access to a cinema, gym, monthly events, and best of all the coffee is unbeatable.”

We are continuing to search for those who want to be part of something exciting. If you are interested in joining the Wi5 team we have several challenging and exciting roles available, get in touch at Andrew@Wi5.io for more information.

Wi5 is a mobile Order & Pay solution that allows consumers to make fast and convenient in-venue transactions on immediate connection to guest Wi-Fi – without any need to download an app.

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